Our Team


Our Mission

To ensure dominance in the African Continent through not only our dedicated service but also our relationships with our customers. We strive for continuous improvement and we are committed to brand building and development.

Our Vision

To become the leading Distributor of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Products in the African Region.
Our aspirations for the future is to improve each unit of our business to become fully the best in its field.

Our Business Definition

We are in the business of providing Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution, Selling, Marketing and Merchandising services to exclusive and semi-exclusive providers of branded FMCG products.

Our Values

 To deliver service excellence to customers

 To partner with our principals in developing their brand(s) through robust Sales, Distribution capabilities and Customer Level Information Systems.

 To ensure In-Store execution excellence whilst supporting advertising and promotional efforts by providing local culture & population insights


Our Business Objectives

  •  Establish a long-term sustainable organization. 

  •  Invest behind the brand and business.

  •  Establish an experienced, highly trained and motivated distribution team to launch and Grow Business.

  •  Deliver the maximum coverage and distribution through proper building block implementation.